28-29/10/2023: 17th Day(s) of the Oude Geuze

The Lambikstoempers and Streekproducten Centrum Halle invite you to the…


Throughout the month of October, Tourism Flemish Brabant is organising the Month of Lambics for the 3rd time. To highlight the unique lambic culture in the Pajottenland and Zenne Valley, Tourism Flemish Brabant developed a varied tourist offer. The breweries, stekeries and folk pubs present a programme that can be discovered via various walking and cycling tours. The ideal end to this month is of course the … Day(s) of the Oude Geuze, organised by the Streekproducten Centrum and De Lambikstoempers vzw!

This seventeenth edition will take place on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October 2023, at the parking lot of the Streekproducten Centrum, Poststraat 3A in 1500 Halle. Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.

Last year, more than 850 interested parties, including quite a few foreign beer lovers, found their way to the Streekproducten Centrum to (re)discover the diverse flavour flavours of lambic beers.

Also this year, we will provide an extensive sampling of beers of spontaneous fermentation! Beers from the following breweries / samplers will be available for tasting:

  • Angerik (Dilbeek)
  • Belle-Vue (Sint-Pieters-Leeuw)
  • Bobbi Brewery (Ittre)
  • Boerenerf (Huizingen)
  • Boon (Lembeek)
  • Brussels Beer Project (Brussel)
  • Cantillon (Anderlecht)
  • De Cam (Gooik)
  • De Troch (Wambeek)
  • Den Herberg (Buizingen),
  • Eylenbosch (Kobbegem)
  • 3 Fonteinen (Beersel)
  • Girardin (Sint-Ulriks-Kapelle)
  • Hanssens (Dworp)
  • Kestemont (Sint-Gertrudis-Pede)
  • Lambiek Fabriek (Ruisbroek)
  • Lindemans (Vlezenbeek)
  • Mort Subite (Kobbegem)
  • Oud Beersel (Beersel)
  • Tilquin (Rebecq)
  • Timmermans (Itterbeek)

Much to the delight of many beer lovers, we only serve real lambic beers. Namely those where 100% lambic is still used to obtain OUDE GEUZE & OUDE KRIEK. We are therefore proud to offer the full range of most of the region’s lambic breweries and distilleries in one location.


This year, visitors will also again have the chance to taste a real lambic, the basic brew of gueuze. So in addition, we will also serve gueuze, kriek and other fruit lambics.

All beers are sold in 15cl tasting glasses. This should make it possible to taste several of these beers.

Entry to the Day(s) of the Oude Geuze is FREE.


As at previous editions, you can taste a number of special beers and firsts at the Day(s) of the Oude Geuze. Among others, you can taste the Cuvée Lambikstoemper 2014 (Boon) ánd 2019 (Lindemans), Single & Wild Colon-Elle 2023 (Lambiek Fabriek), the Megablend 2013, 2017, 2019, 2021 and 2022 (HORAL), El Ambiguo Oude Geuze (Sako), Bloedappelsien Lambiek – lambic with blood oranges – (Kestemont), Dansaert Oude Geuze (Brussels Beer Project), the brand new Succubus Oude Geuze (Hanssens ism Boelekewis) and so on…

For our now traditional “tasting board”, this year we chose to highlight, the base brew, lambic. Thus, we are serving 5 different lambics on the tasting board: from Angerik (6 months), De Troch (7 months), Den Herberg (24 months), Oud Beersel (18 months) and Timmermans (12 months, on a pinot barrel) . This tasting board was specially designed to allow visitors to order 5 glasses of 10 cl. at a time and thus embark on a journey through a fascinating landscape of flavours!



Every year, the Lambikstoempers vzw wants to put the spotlight on lambic beers by awarding the Golden Lambikstoemper.

In 2010, the first Golden Lambikstoemper went to De Heeren van Liedekercke (Denderleeuw), the second to Kaf’eko (Halle), the third to Boelekewis (Huizingen), the fourth to De Zwaan (Dworp), the fifth to ‘t Antwaerps Bierhuyske (Antwerp), the sixth – exceptionally – to the Streekproducten Centrum (Halle), the seventh to ‘t Parlement (Halle) the eighth went to Foeders (Amsterdam), the ninth went to Den Herberg (Buizingen), the tenth to Restaurant 3 Fonteinen (Beersel), number eleven went to Restaurant & Bierherberg De Smidse (Alsemberg), number twelve to Fiets- en wandelcafé Paddenbroek (Gooik) and last year Jef from De Bascule (Bellingen) was awarded the Golden Lambikstoemper!

On the basis of a by now impressive list of pubs and restaurants and a number of criteria (which were drawn up after many hours of discussions and point-counting) and after anonymous site visits to the proposed pubs, De Lambikstoempers vzw will, on Sunday 29 October 2023 at 2.30 p.m., for the 14th time, present its Golden Lambikstoemper to the pub and restaurant which, in their eyes, has paid the most attention to lambic beers in 2023.

The Golden Lambikstoemper is an artistic certificate provided with some poetry by Ludo Buggenhout.

By the way, anyone can propose pubs, cafés or restaurants via our website.

Be sure to do so! And we look forward to seeing you on Saturday 28 October and/or Sunday 29 October at our Day(s) of the Oude Geuze 2023, on the parking lot of the Streekproducten Centrum (Halle).

This activity is part of the Month of the Lambics, an organisation of Tourism Flemish Brabant.

Pictures: visit Belle-Vie Brewery

On Saturday 14th of January 2023 De Lambikstoempers paid an exclusive visit to Belle-Vue Brewery in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, where we were shown around by brewery manager Han Vandenbroucke with a dialogue about the authenticity and evolution of the production process, the promotion of lambic beers and what role Belle-Vue (and by extension AB Inbev) can play in this.

A visit that will be talked about for a long time…

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6 Reasons to come to the Lambikstoemper Beer weekend 2018

Bierweekend 2018 banner

On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August 2018 our Lambikstoemper Beer weekend takes place – meantime for the 19th time! –, in the Visitor’s Center ‘De Lambiek’ at Alsemberg.

And yes, that same weekend there are certainly still other interesting and tempting (beer)events to go to, so it will be  a matter of combining or choosing. So we just want to lend you a hand with the latter.  😉

Why? That’s why!

1. +100 beers

At our Beer weekend you will find more than 100 different beers, among which a wide assortment of spontaneous fermented ones: Lambic, (Oude) Geuze and (Oude) Kriek. But also a wide range of top/bottom/mixed fermented beers, From all over the land, but this year especially: Brussels’ beers in the picture! >> Check our full Beer list 2018

Bierweekend 2018 selectie

2. Exclusive!

A number of beers you can taste exclusively or for the first time at our festival. In the assortment of spontaneous fermentation there are …

  • Belle-Vue Selection Lambic Kriek 2018
  • Boon / Mikkeller Oude Geuze Vermouth
  • Cuvée Lambikstoemper 2014
  • De Cam Abrikoos-Rubarber
  • De Cam Framboos-Bloesem
  • 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Honing 2015
  • Oud Beersel Rabarber lambik
  • Oud Beersel Rozenblaadjes lambik
  • Tilquin Oude Groseille Rouge
  • Vandenbroek Watergeus (NL)

… and the following for the top or mixed fermented beers:

  • Ape (Monkey Monk)
  • Crystalstick Experimental2 (Beer & Fashion)
  • Five A Day 2018 Limited Edition (De Feniks) … mixed with 60 years old Goossens Lambic
  • La Trois Tilleuls (Bières de Quartiers)
  • Simian Season (Monkey Monk)
  • Victorius (4 Pajot)

And also the brand new beers Goyck (Varenbroek/Lindemans) and Bogaerden (Sako Brewery) are available at our counter! And ehr … gone = gone!

>> Check our full Beer list 2018

3. FREE!

With us the entrance is totally free. Also the ambiance, with us you receive – inside or on the large terrace outside – is totally for free. And the visitor’s center ‘De Lambiek’ is fully free to visit at this occasion. Further on we have very democratic prices, for the drinks … and the food.

4. Hunger?

What is there to eat this year? A tasty sandwich with white cheese & radishes/spring-onions (ideal with our tasty Oude Geuze/Kriek!), a portion of cheese/salami/mixed – provided by the Parent council of the primary school Huizingen – or a sandwich with (beer!) marinated warm ham from Benny’s Pigdelicious. In short: all of it really nice.  😛

5. Child friendly

With us everyone is welcome, even the smallest ones. While you are tasting, your children can bring out the artist in them at our big coloring contest or enjoy themselves on the BumpFun jumping castle. For the youngest (and the designated drivers) we also have artisanal fruit juice and water.

6. Win!

Finally you don’t have to go home empty handed. Meanwhile our Beer raffle is legendary. For a small contribution you may win very nice beer prices. (Almost) everyone wins! 😉

In short … more than enough reasons to come to our Beer weekend 2018!

Appointment on Saturday 25 August (from 14.00h to 00.00h) and/or Sunday 26 August (from 14.00h to 20.00h)

in the Visitor’s Center De Lambiek, Gemeenveldstraat 1 at 1652 Alsemberg.

button How to get there?

button Beer weekend 2018: practical details

We are expecting you!

Bierweekend 2018 affiche

button Also take a look at the photo’s of our Beer weekend 2017