Golden Lambikstoemper Award

Wanne met Gouden LambikstoemperBased on an impressive list of lambic cafés and various criteria (that were drawn up after many hours of negotiations) and after anonymous visits to the proposed businesses we reach out our Golden Lambikstoemper Award to a business that promotes the many lambic beers (Old Gueuze, Old Kriek, faro, lambic and so on …) and puts them in the spotlight on a positive way.

The winner of 2023 …

… is café ‘In de Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst’ in Lennik (Eizeringen). And yes, you can decide who will be next years winner!

Who is your candidate for our next Golden Lambikstoemper Award?

Send it to us via! We will then consider your submission and weigh this new candidate based on our criteria.

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