Mort Subite Feast of the Sour Cherries

Mort Subite kriekenfeest

The harvest of the new sour cherries has arrived in the Mort Subite Brewery (Kobbegem). And look, to celebrate that brewer Bruno opens the doors of the brewery for the public, on 11th of june, from 10 am to 6 pm.

You can go and visit the brewery, taste all Mort Subite Lambic beers, enjoy some Brussels music bands, street food en … take along 1 kilo of sour cherries for free!

Kriekenfeest Mort Subite

How to get there?

Mort Subite Brewery
Lierput 1
1730 Kobbegem

Lindemans launches 2 Premium Distilled Gins


Lindemans Brewery and De Moor Distillery present the fruit of their collaboration: the first 2 Lindemans premium distilled gins. A premiere since the two gins have the special feature of having been made with Old Kriek distillate. First, these bottles will only be sold at Lindemans Brewery and at Streekproductencentrum Halle (Poststraat 30 in 1500 Halle), in numbered bottles as a limited edition.

2 varieties

The clear Lindemans Premium Gin is the result of a infusion of 15 well-chosen botanicals and a distillate of the delightful Old Lindemans Kriek Cuvée René. The latter is brewed with whole cherries, according to Belgian lambic tradition. The gin itself is double distilled in small quantities (a batch of up to 250 litres) in a copper cauldron or alembic. Thereafter, each bottle is filled with this unique gin and corked and sealed by hand.

The red Lindemans Premium Gin Red is distilled with the same process as the clear gin. Its bright red colour is due to the pure sour cherry juice added to the Oude Kriek Cuvée René Lindemans. This gin is double distilled in a copper kettle and hand bottled. According to Manuel Wouters, this gin is best experienced as a cocktail, for example mixed with prosecco.

Lindemans Gins

Pictures: Felix Merckx — Source/ more info: Lindemans Brewery