Golden Lambikstoemper 2017 is won by …

Gouden Lambikstoemper 2017 voor Foeders

… Foeders in Amsterdam!

Aided by a, by now, impressive list of horeca businesses, a number of criteria (draughted after many hours of debating) and after an anonymous on site visit, on Sunday 26 November 2017 we, The Lambikstoempers vzw, awarded our Golden Lambikstoemper for the 8th time to a business that, from our perspective, gave the most attention to the Lambic beers in 2017.

And the winner this year is the Dutch Foeders (Ceintuurbaan 257 at 1074 CZ Amsterdam), because of their very nice offer of Lambic beers (Oude Geuze, Oude Kriek …), but also Lambic in its pure form. Foeders is a neighbourhood café and a special beer concept in “De Pijp” at Amsterdam. The building is located next to the “Kabouterhuis” (gnome house) and is reportedly the oldest café of “De Pijp”. Absolutely worth a visit!

Top 3

To complete our top 3 of this year … At the 2nd place: De Kluis at Buizingen, where you can always go for a good glaas of Oude Geuze or Oude Kriek, or Lambic.

The bronze this year went to Restaurant 3 Fonteinen at Beersel, also a guarantee for a very nice offer of spontaneous fermented beers and for a while  now no longer exclusive of brewery 3 Fonteinen!

And finally our honorable mentioning of this year is for Den Herberg at Buizingen. Besides their nice offer of spontaneous fermented beers from the “Pajottenland” and the Valley of the Senne, they also started to experiment with brewing their own Lambic. A very noble initiative. Congratulations to all laureates!

Winner 2018

Who will win our Golden Lambikstoemper next year? You can contribute to that!
How? By submitting your favourite for the Golden Lambikstoemper 2018 through our web site. And yes, You can do that right now!

The Golden Lambikstoemper is a artfull certificate with some poetry of Leo Lintermans.

Gouden Lambikstoemper 2017

Look at our list of all our previous winners!

Lambic café list

How do we collect the nominations every year and elect the final winner of our Golden Lambikstoemper? It is based on a, by now, extensive list of Lambic café’s and horeca buisinesses with a special attention for our Pajottenland’s pride of spontaneous fermented beers. And yes, this list is from now on available on-line!

Even more: if you yourself have some suggestions to complete our list, you can always submit them through We will try to add your suggestions as soon as possible, of course after an inspection of their offer of spontaneous fermented beers.

Who knows you can determine the winner of our Golden Lambikstoemper 2018, traditionally awarded at our Day of the Old Geuze at Streekproducten Centrum in Halle.

Dag van de Oude Geuze 2017


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