10-11/09/2016: Day of the Old Gueuze

For the eleventh time the Lambikstoempers vzw and Streekproducten Centrum at Halle organize …
Dag van de Oude Geuze 2016

“Dag van de Oude Geuze” (Day of the Old Gueuze)

On Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September 2016 at the Streekproducten Centrum at Halle

Last year more than 650 persons, among which a great number of foreigners, found their way to het Streekproducten Centrum to (re)discover the different tastes of the Lambic beers!

Also this year we provide you with an extensive variety of beers of spontaneous fermentation.
You can taste beers of the following brewers/blenders: Boon (Lembeek), Cantillon (Anderlecht), De Cam (Gooik), De Troch (Wambeek), Drie Fonteinen (Beersel), Girardin (Sint-Ulriks-Kapelle), Hanssens (Dworp), Lindemans (Vlezenbeek), Mort Subite (Kobbegem), Oud Beersel (Beersel), Tilquin (Rebecq) and Timmermans (Itterbeek).

We only serve, to great joy of a lot of beer lovers, the real Lambic beers. These are those with a 100% lambic blend to obtain a Oude Geuze & Oude Kriek and where the yeast cells in the Lambic come from the air of the valley of the Senne. We are thus proud to be able to serve the full assortment of the 12 remaining Lambic breweries and blenders from the region in one location.

Lambik & Servais

Also this year the visitors have the opportunity to taste a real Lambic, the brew that serves as a base for geuze. We provide about 3 Lambics, straight from the wooden casks of the local Lambic brewers.

Next to Lambic we also serve Geuze, Kriek, Faro, raspberry beer … and one beer that doesn’t really belongs here: our own “Servaisbier”. This beer was first brewed on the occasion of the Servais year and is a top fermented beer. A festival beer with a low alcohol percentage of 6,5 vol%. Coffee and soft drinks will be available too.

All beers will be sold in tasting glasses of 15cl. Thus it will be possible to taste a larger amount of these beers.

The entrance to the “Dag van de Oude Geuze” is FREE.

Lindemans bier

Primeurs & tasters

As with the previous editions you can taste some scoops and special beers at our “Dag van de Oude Geuze”.
In our (now) traditional “tasting board” this year we chose to put brewery Lindemans in the spotlight. This tasting board was especially designed to allow the visitor to order 5 glasses at the same time and take a visit through the fascinating taste scenery.

Gouden Lambikstoemper 2015

7th Golden Lambikstoemper

Each year the Lambikstoempers vzw wants to place the Lambic beers even more in the spotlights by handing out the Golden Lambikstoemper.

The first Golden Lambikstoemper in 2010 went to De Heeren van Liedekercke, the second to Kaf’eko at Halle, the third to Boelekewis at Huizingen, the forth to De Zwaan at Dworp, the fifth to ’t Antwaerps Bierhuyske at Antwerp and the sixth, exceptionally, to the Streekproducten Centrum at Halle.

By means of a, by now,  impressive list of Horeca businesses, a number of criteria (set after several hours of deliberations) and after an anonymous visit on site of the presented businesses the Lambikstoempers vzw will present its seventh Gouden Lambikstoemper on Sunday 11 September 2016 at 15.00 to a Horeca business that, as they see it, has spend a lot of attention to the Lambic beers.

The Golden Lambikstoemper is an artistic certificate with a poem of Leo Lintermans.

20 jaar Streekproducten Centrum

20 years Streekproducten Centrum

Obviously this birthday can’t go by without notice. That is why there will be a market of regional products on parking area of the shop.

Johny Sterck: “Last year, during the presentation of the Golden Lambikstoemper, a recognition of the Lambikstoempers for the effort and promotion of a business that makes an effort to promote Lambic beers, I made a promise to organize  market of regional products with local producers like Bevers Kaashoeve, Ground Control, Belgoo Beer, Pajottenlander, Brewery Boon, Charcuterie Roosdaal, Confiserie Pacaline, Hof ter Vrijlegem.”

Also the Halle’s radio Victoria (105.2 FM) responds to this birthday with a theme weekend about regional products. On Saturday and Sunday Victoria will transmit special live-broadcastings with interviews and performances. It will be tasty radio with a lot of attention to vendors and producers of tidbits of the Valley of the Senne and the Pajottenland. And of course you can also win a few things!

Affiche 20 jaar Streekproducten Centrum

Hoping to see you at this event,
Kind Regards
Johan “Wanne” Madalijns
President De Lambikstoempers vzw.

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