Beer Weekend 2023 on 26-27 August

Lambikstoempers Bierweekend 2023

On Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 August 2023, we show up again for the Lambikstoempers Beer Weekend, from 2pm to midnight (on Saturday) and from 2pm to 8pm (on Sunday) respectively, at the beer centre ‘De Lambik’, Gemeenveldstraat 1 in 1652 Alsemberg (Beersel).

As always, you get to choose from +100 different beers, most of which are of spontaneous fermentation (from flat lambic over Oude Geuze, to fruit lambic, Oude Kriek and so on), as well as a nice selection of new and/or special Belgian beers that are less or not (yet) known to the general public. “Specials” guaranteed!

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You can also enjoy tasty snacks, whether or not on the sun terrace, while your children play on the bouncy castle or take part in our colouring contest. And yes, who knows, you might win a nice prize in our big beer tombola!

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Entrance is FREE! Everyone is welcome!

“Not the biggest, but the nicest beer festival”

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Pictures: Tasting fruit (cake) & lambic

A lambic a day keeps the doctor away… and so does a piece of fruit, we’re told. 😊

Because we prefer to snack on the latter in cake form, on Friday 16 June 2023 we tasted different fruit pies in combination with different fruit lambics. We even paired it with a real ‘do you recognise the fruit?’ competition!

It was (healthy) eating, tasting, discussing, searching and laughing! Another great evening with The Lambikstoempers, in short. 😉

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The pie-lambic combos:

1.Strawberry cakeHanssens Oudbeitje
2.Rhubarb pieKestemont Rabarber
3.Raspberry pieCantillon Rosé de Gambrinus
4.Plum cakeTilquin Oude Quetsche
5.Cherry pieDe Cam Kriek-Lambiek

The remaining fruit lambics:

1.Muscaris grapeLambiek Fabriek Muscar-Elle
2.MedlarDe Greef Mispels
3.Muscat Bleu grapeLambiek Fabriek Blue-Belle
4.BlackberryMûre Rullquin (Tilquin + La Rulles)
5.BlackcurrantCassis Rullquin (Tilquin + La Rulles)

Pictures: ‘Beer & Art’ Tasting

Brewing beer is an art anyway. On Friday 10 March 2023, De Lambikstoempers will serve some extra artistic beers in room ‘Regenboog’ (Zennedal) in 1501 Buizingen.

The link between beer and an 1881 painting by Edouard Manet, the 1986 sculpture ‘Woman and Man’ by José Vermeersch or a book set in the first half of the 17th century, written by Nikolai Gogol? You found out all about it at this tasting!

We tasted, discussed, judged… and once again practised the Art of Tasting! And those who did not attend were once again wrong. 😛

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The beers tasted:

1.Duchesse de BourgogneBrouwerij Verhaeghe
2.St. Bernardus Abt 12Brouwerij St. Bernardus
3.Adriaen Brouwer TripelBrouwerij Roman
4.Bass Pale AleInbev Belgium
5.TootsBrouwerij Varenbroek
6.VictoriaInbev Belgium
7.Geneviève de BrabantAnthony Martin
8.L’Angelus BlondeBrasserie Angelus
9.Streuvels’ bierBrouwerij Verhaeghe
10.Taras BoulbaBrasserie de la Senne