Pictures: tasting ‘Beer, herbs & spices’

Beer with herbs and spices… A relationship for centuries.

What is the difference between herbs and spices? And are some herbs and spices really enhancing some beers? Do brewers prefer to add a subtle touch or go for a real spice bomb in the glass? Either way, herbs & spices allow the brewer to experiment while brewing.

On Friday 9th of December 2022, The Lambikstoempers blindly tasted 10 beers containing one or more herbs/spices. Using pots and plants with different herbs and spices and some macerates, we tried to make the match. And yes, it was a very difficult but also very fascinating tasting!

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Pictures: Winter walk 2022

Traditionally, De Lambikstoempers vzw close their working year with a walk through the beautiful landscape of the Pajottenland. This time we went to Schepdaal on Sunday 18th of December 2022 for a 10 km ‘winter walk’ … with hotdogs, Brussels beers and “swallekes” & “ludallekes”.

It was cold… and cosily warm at the same time!

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Pictures: “Welkom in de Bierentuin” tasting

On the occasion of ‘World Animal Day’ – held annually on 4 October – De Lambikstoempers organised on Friday 7 October 2022 a tasting where the beers on offer referred to … animals!

And yes, it became a special tasting…. in hall ‘Regenboog’ (Zennedal) in Buizingen. 😀

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The tasted beers (in order of tasting):

1.Bloedarend Raw AleVrijstaat Vanmol / Alvinne7,5% alc. vol.
2.Rince CochonBrouwerij Haacht7,5% alc. vol.
3.WoodyBrasserie de la Lienne7,5% alc. vol.
4.Caracole NostradamusBrasserie Caracole9,1% alc. vol.
5.Snake BiteBrouwerij Het Nest7,9% alc. vol.
6.Vulpis BlondeBrasserie Grain d’Orge7,5% alc. vol.
7.Bière des OursBrasserie La Binchoise8,5% alc. vol.
8.ZwijntjeBrouwerij Van Steenberge8,0% alc. vol.
9.Arend TripelBrouwerij De Ryck8,0% alc. vol.
10.PapegaeiBrouwerij Deca8,0% alc. vol.
11.ArabierDe Dolle Brouwers8,0% alc. vol.