De Lambikstoempers annul events, but …

2020 should have been a busy year for De Lambikstoempers vzw, but sadly the Covid-19 coronovirus decided otherwise. After a thourough meting and keeping the current situation in mind, the board of De Lambikstoempers vzw decided to annul all planed events until the end of August. These events are tasting of Fruit beers, the “Bezetting van ’t Parlement” […]

Pictures: Beer Weekend 2019

The 20th edition of our Beer Weekend traditionally took place in De Lambiek in Alsemberg. It became a very hot edition, with more than 70 beers of spontaneous fermentation, our own 10 favorites ‘in the spotlight’ and even more ‘special’ types of high, low and / or mixed fermentation. Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2