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Our 16th Beer Weekend is coming! Don’t forget to write down saturday 29th and sunday 30th of august in your agenda, we are expecting you in the visitors centre ‘De Lambiek’ (Alsemberg) for the highlight of our year.

>> Our Beer Weekend 2015: practical details

What shall we drink?

As in previous years we have tackled the hold, our visitors can choose from more than 100 different beers. And we present you our own Lambooske, fresh raspberries put on young lambic from Lindemans.

The beers we’ve put in the spotlight this year? We selected a wide variety of beers from the Pajottenland & Zennevallei/Brussels for you. Because we are proud to be Pajottenlanders! 😉

All other beers you can come and taste with us? That you will discover drop by drop on the web page below. Next weeks we still have to pick up our orders and visit different breweries …

>> Discover our Beer List 2015

See you at the visitors centre ‘De Lambiek’, at 29-30th of august! 😎

Lambikstoempers Bierweekend 2015

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