‘Night of the Great Thirst’ no longer in Eizeringen

Night of the Great Thirst

Every two year (and  since 2004) the ‘Night of the Great Thirst’ was organised, the International Geuze & Kriek Festival of the Pajottenland, an initiative of ‘Het Geuzegenootschap’.


The last six years this festival took place at Eizeringen (Lennik), at the renowned café ‘In De Verzekering Tegen De Grote Dorst’. This 7th edition however will take place on Friday 22 april 2016 in the center of Itterbeek.

“We are forced to move because of the ‘Kunst Op Komst’ artwork takes away the place for the second tent at our usual location in Eizeringen”, explains the organizer Yves Panneels.

Kurt & Yves Panneels

New location

This year the ‘Night of the Great Thirst’ will place its tents in the Kerstraat at Itterbeek, on a lawn behind the church. “It’s a real nice location with a beer history, because it’s next to an old malt factory”, explains Panneels. “The new site is also easy accessible by public transport and is still in quiet and green environment.”

The last edition – in 2014 – attracted around about 2.000 beer lovers from all over the world to our beautiful Pajottenland, to come and taste our great pride, the beers of spontanaous fermentation.

More info: www.geuzegenootschap.be/en/the-night-of-great-thirst.

Source: persinfo.org

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