21 – 22/11/2015: Day of the Old Gueuze

De Lambikstoempers vzw and Streekproducten Centrum Halle invite you to …

Lambikstoempers en Streekproducten Centrum Halle

the 10th Day of the Old Gueuze

on saturday 21st and sunday 22nd of november 2015

This 10th edition will take place on saturday 21st of november (10h- 18h) and sunday 22nd of november (14h- 18h), in the upper lounge of Streekproducten Centrum (Poststraat 3A in 1500 Halle).

Last year there were more than 650 visitors, including many foreigners, who found the way to our Day of the Old Gueuze, to (re)discover the various flavors of lambic beers! And this year, once again, we provide a great variety of beers of spontaneous fermentation.

The beers you can come and taste with us are the ones from following breweries and ‘stekerijen’: Boon (Lembeek), Cantillon (Anderlecht), De Cam (Gooik), De Troch (Wambeek), Drie Fonteinen (Beersel), Girardin (Sint-Ulriks-Kapelle), Hanssens (Dworp), Lindemans (Vlezenbeek), Mort Subite (Kobbegem), Oud Beersel (Beersel), Tilquin (Rebecq) and Timmermans (Itterbeek).

Dag van de Oude Geuze Dag van de Oude Geuze

We will provide three lambics, directly from the wooden barrels from local lambic brewers: Lindemans (Vlezenbeek), Girardin (Sint-Ulriks-Kapelle) and De Troch (Wambeek). We’ll also serve Old Gueuze, Old Kriek, faro, raspberry beer and – in addition to soft drinks, water and coffee – our very own Servais beer.

All beers will be sold in tasting glasses of 15 cl, so you’ll be able to taste and discover different beers. And yes, the entrance to our Day of the Old Gueuze is FREE.

Scoops & special beers

As on previous editions you can always taste some special beers and find some scoops with us. This edition we proudly present the brand new Boon Black Label, made ​​on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the brewery, the brand new Lindemans BlossomGueuze, and Timmermans Oude Geuze, which recently won the title of ‘best sour beer in the world’ at the World Beer Awards 2015.

Timmermans en Boon Oude Geuze

For our traditional tasting plate this year we chose not to put a specific ‘steker’ or brewer in the spotlight but the product ‘Old Gueuze’ itself. Five samples of ‘Old Gueuze’ at once! The tasting plate was designed to enable the visitor to order 5 glasses at once and easily undertake a fascinating taste sensation journey.

Lindemans BlossomGueuze

The Golden Lambikstoemper Award

De Lambikstoempers vzw annually wants to put the lambic beers extra in the spotlight by handing out a Golden Lambikstoemper Award.

Based on an impressive list of cafés and various criteria (that were drawn up after many hours of negotiations) and after anonymous visits to the proposed businesses we will hand out our 6th Golden Lambikstoemper Award on sunday 22nd of november 2015 at 15h00 to a business that, according to us, in 2015, devoted most attention to the lambic beers.

The Golden Lambikstoemper Award is an artful document including some poetry compiled by Leo Lintermans. Also discover the winners of our past editions!

And yes, from now on, everyone can send us their nominees for the (future) Golden Lambikstoemper Awards via our website!

Gouden LS 2011

Hoping to meet you on this activity,
kind regards,
Johan “Wanne” Madalijns,
president of De Lambikstoempers vzw.

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