13/05/2016: Beer, chocolat & chocolats

The Lambikstoempers vzw organises …

Bier & chocolade

Beer, chocolat & chocolats, a lecture by Geroen Vansteenbrugge and Stijn Vanhoutte

Zytholog Geroen Vansteenbrugge, already active in the beer world since 1986, will introduce us, together with artisan chocolatier Stijn Vanhoutte, in the wonderful world of beer, chocolat en chocolats!

Belgium as the center of chocolat, chocolats and special beers. Did you ever wonder how all these have met? Coincidence? Impossible! There must be a similarity in taste. A kind of collective need in our taste registry, which ensures that these two totally different Belgian products not only flourish, but grow beyond themselves. An export product “par excellence”.

Geroen and Stijn bring us 5 excellent combinations with matching tastes between beer, origine chocolat and very fresh chocolats in a light harted way and tell us all about these top products.
A fascinating and also relaxing evening in two parts …


On Friday may 13 2016 at 19.45 uur in Café De Kring, Stevens Dewaelplein 15 at 1502 Lembeek.


Participation costs 14 euro for the Lambikstoempers members, 16 euro for Zythos members and 18 euro for all others.

The number of seats is limited! Registration is therefore mandatory through proeverij@lambikstoempers.be, mentioning:

  • name and number of persons + indication of eventual membership (Lambikstoempers or Zythos)

You will than receive a mail with further instructions concerning your registration.


Hoping to meet you at this event,
Kind Regards,
Johan “Wanne” Madalijns,
President De Lambikstoempers vzw.

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