Pictures: Visit Siphon brewery

Normally, the small brewery Siphon from Damme does not organize any visits, but they were happy to make an exception for De Lambikstoempers, on Saturday 15 June 2019.

Franklin Verdonck, main brewer and production manager, was happy to show us around and give the necessary explanation about their 5-hectolitre installation, the brewing process, production quantities, beer types, etc. …

And of course we also did quality control and tasted all available beers. 🙂

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Pictures: Occupation of ‘t Parlement 2019

On Sunday 26th of May 2019, Belgium moved to the ballot box for the federal, Flemish and European elections. And we did another shovel on top of elections in Parliament (‘t Parlement) … from Halle.

On our party list 13 beers of high fermentation, of smaller (Pajotse) breweries. And you could vote for the perfect coalition between a beer and a whiskey, 4 different in total.

Voice forms, red pencils and (voice) advice were present! And yes, there was something to gain from us. 😉

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Pictures: Visit Het Anker brewery & De Molenberg distillery

To celebrate that the Gouden Carolus Whiskey Infused beer won the consumer trophy at the Zythos Beer Festival two years in a row, we were invited to discover the whole story behind this beer on location on Saturday 30th of March 2019, in brewery Het Anker on the one hand, and afterwards in distillery De Molenberg.

And yes, we certainly did not say no to that. 😉

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