Pictures: tasting ‘Beer, herbs & spices’

Beer with herbs and spices… A relationship for centuries.

What is the difference between herbs and spices? And are some herbs and spices really enhancing some beers? Do brewers prefer to add a subtle touch or go for a real spice bomb in the glass? Either way, herbs & spices allow the brewer to experiment while brewing.

On Friday 9th of December 2022, The Lambikstoempers blindly tasted 10 beers containing one or more herbs/spices. Using pots and plants with different herbs and spices and some macerates, we tried to make the match. And yes, it was a very difficult but also very fascinating tasting!

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Pictures: Winter walk 2022

Traditionally, De Lambikstoempers vzw close their working year with a walk through the beautiful landscape of the Pajottenland. This time we went to Schepdaal on Sunday 18th of December 2022 for a 10 km ‘winter walk’ … with hotdogs, Brussels beers and “swallekes” & “ludallekes”.

It was cold… and cosily warm at the same time!

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Pictures: Day(s) of the Old Gueuze 2022

On Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October 2022, we organised our 16th Day(s) of the Oude Geuze, at the parking lot of the Streekproducten Centrum, Poststraat 3A in 1500 Halle. Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.

As always, we had a lot of spontaneous fermentation beers to taste, from flat lambic over Old Gueuze to Old Kriek and other fruit lambics, no less than 80(!) different ones in total, including a lot of exclusive and/or new “speciallekes”.

And yes, the public had also descended in numbers to our event, with the highlight on Sunday: the presentation of our (now 13th) Golden Lambikstoemper Award to café De Bascule from Bellingen!

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