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On 8 February 2018 the prizes of the Beer Awards Digital Festival 2017 were awarded at Kantien in Ghent, where the “beau monde” of the Belgian beer world was gathered for a good glass of beer – f**ck you, Tournée Minérale! – and great appetizers of De Gebrande Winning, good company and  a meeting with old acquaintances … and of course: the one and only #BADF17-medals. Because yes … we were told we too were amongst the laureats.

And the Pajottenland was nicely represented, as you can see on the photo below.  🙂

Onze bende op #BADF17

In the prizes!

In our region the prizes went to:

#BADF17 awards voor onze bende

> Look at all the laureates and winners of the #BADF17 on the Beer Award website.

Thank you!

In name of “De Lambikstoempers vzw” we want to thank you all with all our heart for your votes for our Lambikstoempers Beer weekend and Kristof’s beer blog De Lambikstoemper. We are very proud of our prizes and we will keep on doing our utmost best to live up to this honor. Thank you. Thank you very much!

And in any case meet us at the Lambikstoempers Beer weekend 2018, on 25-26 August 2018 in Bezoekerscentrum De Lambiek at Alsemberg!

#BADF17 Lambiktoempers Bierweekend





BTW: Thanks for the pictures, Jasmine Cambier & Tamara Nicolaï. ❤

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