Boon introduces VAT 109

Brewery Boon (Lembeek) just released a new monoblend, VAT 109. Thisbeer is currentle presented at the “horecabeurs” at Ghent.

Frank & Jos Boon

Earlier also VAT 44, 77 and 79 were marketed, all Oude Geuze with 90% lambic from one specific barrel and 10% young lambic. Typical about the VAT-series is that each tun gives a specific character to the Oude Geuze.


A long time ago tun 109 was used to preserve cognac. So the lambic from this tun still has a mild cognac aroma. Moreover, brewery Boon has skived the inside of the tun, so also a wood character is clearly noticeable.

Boon Vat 109

Reportedly this VAT 109 tends most to the earlier VAT 44 or 77, and is fairly far from the last produced VAT 79.

Soon to be found in the better liquor store and/or in the Streekproducten Centrum (Halle).

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