18/09/2015: Tasting wheat beers

De Lambikstoempers vzw organises…


Tasting wheat beers, on friday 18th september 2015

We meet at 7.45 pm in Café De Kring, Stevens Dewaelplein 15 at 1502 Lembeek.

Once again, a traditional tasting of … wheat beers!
Together we discover about ten wheat beers and judge them on their color, foam, taste and after taste.

How to sign up?
Cost: 10 euros (Lambikstoempers members), 12 euros (Zythos members) of 15 euros (others)
Send an e-mail to proeverij@lambikstoempers.be and mention:

  • your name and the amount of participants + ‘proeverij witbier’

You then will receive further info about signing in procedure for this event.

Hope to see you then,
kind regards,
Johan ‘Wanne’ Madalijns,
President of De Lambikstoempers VZW

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