Pictures: Tasting fruit (cake) & lambic

A lambic a day keeps the doctor away… and so does a piece of fruit, we’re told. 😊

Because we prefer to snack on the latter in cake form, on Friday 16 June 2023 we tasted different fruit pies in combination with different fruit lambics. We even paired it with a real ‘do you recognise the fruit?’ competition!

It was (healthy) eating, tasting, discussing, searching and laughing! Another great evening with The Lambikstoempers, in short. 😉

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The pie-lambic combos:

1.Strawberry cakeHanssens Oudbeitje
2.Rhubarb pieKestemont Rabarber
3.Raspberry pieCantillon Rosé de Gambrinus
4.Plum cakeTilquin Oude Quetsche
5.Cherry pieDe Cam Kriek-Lambiek

The remaining fruit lambics:

1.Muscaris grapeLambiek Fabriek Muscar-Elle
2.MedlarDe Greef Mispels
3.Muscat Bleu grapeLambiek Fabriek Blue-Belle
4.BlackberryMûre Rullquin (Tilquin + La Rulles)
5.BlackcurrantCassis Rullquin (Tilquin + La Rulles)

Pictures: Visit Brasserie Deseveaux

On Saturday 13 May 2023, members of De Lambikstoempers vzw visited Brasserie Deseveaux, a family-run brewery in the municipality of Boussu, in the province of Hainaut.

Brewer Sébastien gave us a detailed tour of the brewery and its own hop field, as well as letting us taste all his beers! It was great fun again. 😉

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Pictures: Visit microbrewery Grimbergen

On Saturday 8 April 2023, The Lambikstoempers visited the new microbrewery within Grimbergen Abbey.

Karel Stautemas, subprior and abbey brewer, gave us an insight into abbey life. We strolled through the abbey garden, discovered the magical story of the well and the hop field, were given explanations in the microbrewery and were allowed to taste various beers, including some straight from the tank. Hallelujah!

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