Happy Lambikstoempers Year !

Happy New Beer!

Dearest male and female Lambikstoempers
Take care !
The old year has passed us by
and it makes us super happy. Why?
‘Cause when we look back at the past
you can see in the list below, at last,
again another fun and beautiful year
and a lot of extraordinary nice beers
have filled the programm we shared.

Together we laughed and learned
studied hops and how malts are burned
Tasted sour, sweet and bitter
and took some long walks, of which you can read about on twitter.

In short, we visited the breweries
Vander Ghinste, Toye, De Koninck,
The Struise Brouwers and Kazematten,
tasted pilsners, lambics, wheatbeers,
Fairytails beers and even one night with geuze
guided by the grand master
Frank Boon.
We tasted hops, fresh out of the ground at Proven,
played the traditional folk game Boltra at Watou,
Helped at ZBF, Toer de Geuze,
The “Kasteelfeesten” at Beersel and “Zot van Geuze!”
Amongst others, we walked through Antwerp, Ieper
and the sloping Pajottenland.
We filled our bellies at De Smidse at Alsemberg
(or was it Dworp ?), in any case at the “Elsemaa”.
But also at several other places in this country…
And of course we organized our Beer weekend for the 16th time,
Again a topper, with exclusive beers !

And next year also looks like a nice one,
But … now I have to run,
‘Cause my story is done.
But I am not completely finished
First I wish you a lambikstoempers year enriched!
You will see for yourself
It will be faboulous in 2016.
It really is worth it, and not only for a part,
To quickly buy your Lambikstoempers membership card,
Do it in time, please
And we will surely meet at one of our activities !

Wanne New Year

Your rascal,
Johanneke Wanne Madalijns,
PresidentDe Lambikstoempers vzw
Halle, 1st January 2016

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