Oud Beersel presents: Bersalis Sourblend

Exactly 10 years ago Gert Christiaens revived “stekerij Oud Beersel”. And this calls for a celbration! With a new beer, a new cask warehouse and … an old car.

Bersalis Sourblend bier

Bersalis Sourblend

On November 25 2005 Oud Beersel was officially reopened with the launch of Bersalis Tripel. To celebrate these 10 years a new beer was just presented, Bersalis Sourblend, a mixed fermented beer, obtained by a blend of Bersalis with 30% lambic.

Those who would like to taste it, can do this in the next weeks in Brasserie Gravenhof (Dworp), Boelekewis (Huizingen), Hoppy Loft Delirium Café (Brussels), Honoloeloe (Mechelen), Gollem, Via Via Café and ’t Waagstuk (Antwerp). Also at “De Lambiekfeesten” (Alsemberg), the Entrepreneur Night (Alsemberg), The Night of the Great Thirst (Itterbeek) and the Zythos Beer Festival 2016 (Leuven). From the end of may on Bersalis Sourblend will also be available in a 33cl-bottle.

Oud Beersel foedermagazijn

New cask warehouse

At the restart in 2005 Oud Beersel consisted of a historic building with empty barrels and brewing equipment that barely stood the ravages of time. There were continuous investments since its reropening. And behold, Gert Christiaens has just inaugurated the new cask warehouse on the second floor of the “stekerij”, which actually doubles its capacity.

“This is a project on which we worked on for more than 4 years and it’s the ‘kriek’ (cherry) on top of our work of the last 10 years”, Gert testifies. At the official opening were present: amoung others a very enthousiastic mayor Hugo Vandaele. FYI: the recently added casks – of which the tallest ones contain 120hl beer – originally were used for the Italian top wine Brunello di Montalcino.

Oud Beersel oldtimer

Oud Beersel oldtimer

The previous owner of Oud Beersel drove around with his beer barrels with an 1959 Opel Blitz. And yes, this car was completely restored. “A piece of heritage that we wouldn’t let go to waste”, according to Gert. Although the pickup won’t ever be used to deliver barrels, nor would it be possible to make tours with it in the neighbourhood.

“You will be able to spot this oldtimer at several events”, Gert explains. “This month even during the Night of the Great Thirst in Itterbeek and at the Lambiekfestival in Beersel, for example.” So everyone, go and see!

More info: www.oudbeersel.com

Oud Beersel is doing well !

European Beers Star 2015 For Oud Beersel

Golden medal

At the European Beers Star competition in Germany, one of the largest beer competitions in the world, stekerij (Lambic blender) Oud Beersel recently won the only gold medal  for a Belgian participant !

Nearly 2,000 beers from 45 countries participated in the competition, divided into no fewer than 55 categories. Host country Germany received 20 gold medals, our country only one, thanks to Oud Beersel Oude Kriek. Thus our Belgian (and Pajottenland’s!) honor was still saved.

Oud Beersel wooden casks 2015

New casks

Moreover, in early December 15 ‘new’ wooden casks of 60 hl and 120 hl from Italy were delivered and installed in the stekerij (Laarheidestraat 230 at  1650 Beersel).

Particular was that they all had to be installed on the 2nd floor. And that was not such a simple task as you can see in the pictures below.

Oud Beersel wooden casks 2015 Oud Beersel wooden casks 2015

Oud Beersel wooden casks 2015 Oud Beersel wooden casks 2015

Oud Beersel wooden casks 2015 Oud Beersel wooden casks 2015

Anyway: you’re doing well, Gert!


Oud Beersel presents Green Walnut lambic

Oud Beersel Green Walnut

New in the Oud Beersel gamma: Green Walnut, a lambic beer with green walnuts.

VIDEO: The making of …

Except ‘Schaarbeekse’ sour cherries, Gert Christiaens also has a lot of walnuts in his orchard. “We gathered these walnuts, now they’re still green, and added them to our lambic barrels”, explains Gert. “After fermentation in the bottle, the beer is called ‘Green Walnut’.”

Green Walnut is produced in a limited edition and is available now, while stocks last. The Oud Beersel Shop – Laarheidestraat 232 at 1650 Beersel – is open each saturday from 9 am to 2 pm, except on holidays.