Pictures: Lambikstoempers Diner 2021

As an annual tradition, we go out for a nice meal with our members. This year we chose restaurant-hostelry De Smidse, a household name in the region and winner of the Golden Lambikstoemper 2020.

Restaurant-hostelry De Smidse is a picturesque restaurant in a beautiful location where owners Jeroen ‘Pelouse’ Van Lier and partner Vanessa Vanderheijden let you enjoy delicious regional dishes.

And yes, we did that to the fullest!

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Pictures: Tasting “New Old Gueuze”

“It was so nice that we could go again!” On Friday 25 June 2021 De Lambikstoempers vzw organized after a long time – corona, you know? – another (blind)tasting. And what kind!

In the upper room of Streekproducten Centrum (Halle), at a safe distance from each other, we tasted “New Old Gueuze” in bubbles of 4. It was surprising, difficult, fun, enjoyable, liberating … In short: a more than successful evening!

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Pictures: Golden Lambikstoemper 2020 award show

On Sunday 22th of November 2020, our Golden Lambikstoemper award (Gouden Lambikstoemper) was awarded for the 11th time to the business that, in our opinion, paid the most attention to lambic beers in 2020.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 edition was given a safe jacket of exactly 1.5 meters long, so that the applicable distance rules within the Corona measures could be complied with.

And the winner was… (beer) restaurant De Smidse (Fabriekstraat 23 in 1652 Alsemberg). Congratulations, Peloese and team!

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