Pictures: Visit Het Anker brewery & De Molenberg distillery

To celebrate that the Gouden Carolus Whiskey Infused beer won the consumer trophy at the Zythos Beer Festival two years in a row, we were invited to discover the whole story behind this beer on location on Saturday 30th of March 2019, in brewery Het Anker on the one hand, and afterwards in distillery De Molenberg.

And yes, we certainly did not say no to that. 😉

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Pictures: Tasting Low-alcoholic beers

February, the month of ToernĂ©e MinĂ©rale. The month in which many took up the challenge not to consume alcohol for a month…

Did we participate? No! Or maybe a little bit, because at this tasting we put low alcoholic beers in the spotlight. Together we judged a dozen beers on color, smell, taste and aftertaste, and we looked at what so little alcohol did with our tasting experiences. And what turned out? Those present felt that this was not immediately worth repeating!

If you taste blind (what De Lambikstoempers always do), you usually taste more intense. The general impression was that almost all the beers offered were somewhat ‘watery’ and the use of American hops (citrus / grapefruit) again took too much of the upper hand. According to all those present, the better beer was obviously the Schenenschopper of Hedonis (brewed at ‘t Verzet) or for those who love a stout, the Hello Darkness, My Old Friend of Brewery Angerik.

General conclusion: next year we organize a tasting of ‘heavy alcoholic beers’ during ToernĂ©e MinĂ©rale. 😀

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Pictures: Visit Lindemans brewery

No less a person than Jan Verzelen, master blender at Lindemans, led us through the brewery on Saturday 2 February 2019 and made us even more familiar with the authentic process of lambic brewing.

Of course we also tasted. A very interesting experience!

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